Student Lighting & Charging Systems

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Great for students for grade improvement!.

1.8w crystalline solar panel

3.7V/2200mAh battery

After a day of solar charging: 8.9 hours @ 74 Lumens under "super" mode or 35 hours @ 19 Lumens under night mode

When fully charged:

12 hours @ 74 Lumens under "super" mode.

Fully charge cellphone of 1000mAh

With a 4 in 1 phone charging cable.

Water & dust proof, Smart, Pocketable,

Durable 2 years warranty, 5 years lifespan.


NOTE: Delivery time from time of order is between 6 to 8 weeks beginning December 1, 2016.  Reserve your unit now! Product will be picked up from our Warehouse in Monrovia, Liberia. Details on your invoice.


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